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Providing Private, Semi-Private and Communal Pet Cremation Options


We offer pickup from vets, cremation of your pet, and return of the cremated remains in a receptacle of your choice as well as other services, such as home-pickup. A drop-off location for pets is also available in Okanogan by appointment for those families who wish to do so.

We know that losing a family pet can be painful, and deciding what to do is very stressful. Our caring staff will gladly answer any questions and guide you through the process.

A little girl sitting on the ground with her dog.
A woman holding her dog in the woods

The local pet crematory gives the benefits of fast turnaround on cremation services, local investment back in our communities, and boutique crematory equipment specifically designed for cremation of small pets.

From the moment your pet enters our care and until they are returned, our crematory staff adheres to the strictest professional standards. Carried out in a gentle and respectful manner, NCW Pet Cremation’s tracking system ensures that you may be confident your pet’s cremated remains are returned to you, the respective pet owner.

Our Cremation Options

Communal or Group

Is a cremation procedure where multiple pets are cremated together without any form of separation. These cremated remains are not returned to the owners and will be respectfully scattered on behalf of the family by crematory staff on Cold Springs Ranch.


Your pet is placed in the cremation machine along with other pets. However, your pet is segregated from other pets using firebricks and/or space so the pets do not touch and commingling of the remains is kept to a minimum during the process. Each pet’s cremated remains are removed individually and we guarantee you will receive your pet’s cremated remains.

Private Cremation

Our premium service. Your pet is the ONLY pet in the cremation machine. This is the same method used for humans and guarantees there will be no commingling of the cremated remains.

-Includes option of customizable wooden box urn for no added charge. (size and design may vary slightly depending on size of pet, no deductions will be applied)

**Please contact us today for the most up-to-date cost and options.

Additional Items For Purchase

A wooden box with a lid open and closed.

Complimentary customizable wooden urn included with private cremations at no additional charge

Size and style may vary

A brown and tan trunk with a handle.
A white clay ornament with a dog paw print.

8-inch Memory Chest Urn add $79

Clay paw print and lock of hair (when possible) included

Size and design may vary depending on availability

A heart shaped pendant with paw prints on it.

25 x 20 mm stainless steel necklace (any style) add $39

Numerous styles and colors available upon request

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