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About Us

A Compassionate, Family-Owned Pet Crematorium You Can Trust

About Us

NCW Pet Cremation uses an entirely separate crematory retort which is similar to the one used for people but smaller in size. The pet crematory is located in an entirely new and separate wing of the crematory building at 557 Cold Springs Road outside of Okanogan. The Crematory building is located on a homestead ranch that was founded by the owner’s great-grandfather over 100 years ago where his family still resides.

A young boy holding a cat on his shoulder.
A man and two children posing for the camera.

The owner, Glenn Graves, started working at the local funeral home as a summertime job setting headstones and mowing the cemetery grass after graduating Okanogan High School back in 1999. After graduated college and becoming licensed as a Funeral Director in 2005 as his responsibilities grew and the following year he built the first local crematory in the Okanogan area.

Working for the Precht-Harrison-Nearents Chapel ( serving the Greater Okanogan, Omak, and the Methow as well as operating the Okanogan County Crematory ( over the years, Glenn heard stories from families he met with that wanted to get their pets cremated. “Until now, we were unable to accommodate their requests because pet cremation requires dedicated equipment that is ONLY used for pets. We now have that specialized equipment available to serve the public.”

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